Ichi-go ichi-e

Audiovisual piece, two performers, B&W, widescreen, stereo sound.

The inspiration for this piece came from japanese phrase, ichi-go ichi-e, used in japanese tea ceremonies. Literally translated as ‘one time, one meeting’.
The overall time structure is based on the structure of Noh theatre stage(and play).

Piece is performed by two performers, both having equal influence on both sound and image and following pre-written score – an attempt at writing notation for audio-visual piece:

It is meant to be performed on networked version of a cf3 instrument, expanded so that both performers can access all parameters of the system simultaneously.
First time performed in the KABK Auditorium, by Mirko Lazović and Nenad Popov.

copyright (c) Nenad Popov, all rights reserved