Boa Beres,Luka Toyboy, Quick Clouds and Origins of Tentacls

I’ve organised an event of live performances in Lacuna Lab:

A rare opportunity to experience three very unique performances floating together in a cloud of ideas of casual cannibalism, subversive zoology and post-brain ecology.

Boa Beres: Singing Libraries - A dog who ate Goethe

Singing Libraries is combining intuitive singing, methods of speed reading and divination practice of bibliomancy, which applies different techniques to foretell the future and find guidance by using certain books and their paragraphs.

By promoting ecologically sustainable art, based on recycling, Beres will build indefinite narratives, by using the remains of the book, a valuable relic, which was suddenly attacked by a dog.

Boa Beres is a semi-fictional identity and performer-parasite, who uses the power of voice to manage tension between theory and practice. She just wanted to be a pop star.

Lukatoyboy presents Hunting Music Series(Lacuna Mix): “Untitled” for Animal call devices and tape (duration TBA)*

Quick Clouds & the Origins of Tentacles: A Ballad of Wingbeats and Brainbeats.

Field recordings, synthesizers

*this performance, like any including tape, is not vegan