Cultivamos Cultra Residency and FACTT

In 2017 Sarah Hermanutz and me got invited by Marta de Menezes to Cultivamos Cultra residency in São Luís, Portugal. During this residency we further developed our Live Decomposition performance, and presented it at the FACTT art and science festival in Lisbon.

We got greatly inspired by river Mira and it’s ecosystem: special kind of mud, crabs, clams, worms and milions of microorganisms. We recreated a sample of this ecosystem in the Cultivamos Cultura lab by transporting more than 100kg of material from the river area and placing it in the aquarium.
We also installed hydrophones, microphones, projection and camera setup focused on this object.
Close the end of the residency we transported all the mud and it’s inhabitants to Lisabon, using public transport - the bus drivers were suprised.

During the FACTT festival we participated in the panel discussion and then performed the piece. When the performance was over, we had some questions about the cruelty of human species, while on the screen we could see the scene from aquarium: a crab was slicing the clam and eating it alive. After the performance we returned the mud and the creatures back to the river.


windowhands in the mud

clams and tubes crab in the mud mud in the bus

eduardo kacpreparing the mud

performance returning the mud

Sarah Hermanutz
Cultivamos Cultra
FACTT Lisbon