Collaboration with Mirko Lazović
Extended multichanel sound performance during the sunset.
Commisioned by Salon 116 Grunewald

“Surrounded by lush nature, artists Nenad Popov and Mirko Lazović take us on a sonic journey. Sampling, composing and arranging, they immerse the audience in sounds coming from all directions. Some sounds are natural, like birds, rustling of leaves, crackling of branches. Some are unnatural, like birds, rustling of leaves, crackling of branches. The borders are hard to distinguish. As the night falls, our desire to categorize fades, and we just listen…”

Twelve spearkers were suspended in various spots around the very special place within the forest. The performance started when the sun started setting and ends after it gets dark. During the performance we played various synthesisers, samplers and effects and we diffused the sound around the audience. In the months leading to performance we visited the spot many times and made various sound recordings that were later used in the performance.

photos by Mirjana Vrbaški